Writing & content marketing

Sure, content’s king, but who has the time? 

Having a blog can help build trust and brand recognition, but only if it’s well written, engaging, and on brand. 

I can curate blog posts and articles for your website that are informative and entertaining as well as being SEO optimised and super shareable.

I can send them to you via email, Google Docs or straight into the backend of your WordPress site; whichever is most convenient for you. 

Are we a good fit?

Writers aren’t one size fits all, I’m afraid. If you’re looking for blog posts and articles that aim to guide clients in their move towards a more vegan way of life, then I’m the one you’re after.

In the broadest sense, my passion is writing about veganism, but this includes nutrition, fitness, navigating big lifestyle changes, and organisation. 

I’m reliable, well-organised and can offer a super-quick turnaround if you’re running to a tight schedule.

If you think we’d work well together, pop your info in the form below, and I’ll get straight back to you. 

My approach to SEO

Marketing websites are awash with ways of getting the likes of Google to notice our content – keywords, backlinks, a social media presence – each method time consuming, sometimes a bit black hat, and useful at a flick of Google’s algorithm.

I don’t believe you need to be at the mercy of an algorithm. 

What Google wants is long form, relevant content. Useful links are fine, as is a decent social media presence, but Google wants information that answers its reader’s queries.

Content that is user friendly, detailed, and full of relevant stats is not only going to be right up Google’s street, it’ll also be future proof.

Gone are the days when we keyword-stuff, comment blindly on other people’s content in the hope of getting a dubious backlink, and search the internet for expired domains we can use.

3000 words that articulately answer your audience’s questions are where it’s at, and that’s what I provide.

Editing services & Pricing

My rate is £0.10 per word for a standard blog post. 

Depending on the type of blog post you require, I recommend that blog posts exceed 1500 words. 

For a new blog will few posts, I would suggest writing a few articles with 5000+ words, in order to pique Google’s interest. 

If you’d prefer to write these yourselves but would like an SEO expert’s opinion plus edits on them, I can provide that service – email me for rates.

If you require a larger project, such as an e-book or case study, I can send you my per-hour rate.

Any further queries? Don’t hesitate to send me an email or a message on twitter (@carolinecocker)