Hi, I’m Caroline, a freelance writer and vegan. I help people like you write web copy and blog posts for your website. 

I love to help people adopt a more plant-based lifestyle, from eating a more vegan diet, using cruelty free cosmetics and cleaning products, to making more sustainable choices when buying clothes, homeware and gifts.

Check out my blog carolinecocker.com to get a feel for my writing style (oh, and just because I swear on my website doesn’t mean I’ll swear on yours – though I can if you want).

As you can probably gather, I’m not the hardcore knitting-my-own-seitan type. Today’s average joe doesn’t have the time or inclination to meal plan, prep and remember to set those beans a-soaking. I can show you and your clients that veganism doesn’t need to be difficult. 

In fact, I swear by the holy trinity of bread, potatoes and Quorn fish fingers. 

I’m also a bit of a SEO nerd, since discovering that all that backlinking stuff is largely unnecessary – write long, useful content, and Google will reward you with traffic.


  • I have a 3 year old rabbit (and a niece actually) called Izzy, and my last bunny was also called Izzy. I only named one of the Isobels. 
  • I love animals (shocker) and have been volunteering at my local Blue Cross for about five years
  • It took me looong time to go fully vegan. I was a cheese FIEND.
  • I write all of my plans by hand (inc. the 80,000 word fiction beast I’m working on) because, erm, I prefer it. Probably because…
  • …I love pens. Love ’em.